It’s Not To Late To File a Business Tax Extension

It’s Not To Late to File a Business Tax Extension If you are a business owner and you aren’t quite ready to file taxes – you’re in luck. There is still time to request a business tax extension. But you must act now. The deadl...   Read More

What Is a CD (Certificate of Deposit)?

What is a CD and how does it work? If you are new to the world of investing you are probably curious to know. – “What is a cd and how does it work?” A CD or Certificate of Deposit is a savings tool that can generate a larger return...   Read More

The Case for Keeping Business and Personal Finances Separate

Business and personal finances must be separate. Business owners often make the common mistake of allowing their business and personal finances to mix. However allowing this to happen can negatively impact your business in several ways. Perhaps most...   Read More

Tax Deductions For Sole Propreitorships

Tax Deductions for Sole Proprietorships As a sole proprietor you are 100% responsible for filling and paying your own taxes. In fact the IRS considers sole proprietorships “pass through” entities. This means business revenue “pas...   Read More

Zero Based Budgeting: Is It Right for My Business?

Running a successful business is a lot like running a successful household, right down to the budget. Creating a budget in life or in business really helps you be intentional with your finances. You have a plan for each dollar earned so that you acc...   Read More