Zero Based Budgeting: Is It Right for My Business?

Running a successful business is a lot like running a successful household, right down to the budget. Creating a budget in life or in business really helps you be intentional with your finances. You have a plan for each dollar earned so that you acc...   Read More

Three Retirement Savings Options for Small Businesses

Running a business is hard work. In the early days, you don’t spend much time on anything else. By the time it is up and running or growing, all you know is business. This can put a real dent in your retirement savings. Ignoring retirement is doing...   Read More

A Tax-Friendly Tuition Savings Plan for Your Child’s College Fund

  Tuition plans are critical as the cost of a college education has risen drastically in recent years, making it more difficult to pay for. 529 savings and tuition plans allow you to save for your child’s college costs, in a way that is tax ...   Read More

What is the difference between a Tax Preparer and a Tax Accountant?

Many people, especially those who don’t work in the finance industry, use the terms tax preparer and tax accountant interchangeably. This is a common misconception. Understanding the difference is helpful when choosing which of the two you need. Ta...   Read More

Timing your income and expenses can help your business taxes.

You can help your bottom line by deferring your taxes. You can defer business taxes by controlling when your business recognizes income and deductions. On the income side: You can defer your income by deferring the billing for your product or service...   Read More