Here Is The 2021 Child Tax Credit Payment Schedule

The rollout of funds for the expanded child tax credit began on July 15, with the IRS sending out letters to 36 million families believed to be eligible to receive them. Families can expect the next payment to roll out on Sept. 15. The letters went out to families who may have been eligible based [&...   Read More

4 Things To Make Filing Your Business Taxes Easier

Want to be more proactive and better prepared in order to make your next tax season go much smoother? Here are four key areas you’ll want to address: Document your goalsEveryone has dreams and goals for their career, family, education, savings, retirement and lifestyle. Understand what is importan...   Read More

Signing up late for the $3,000 child tax credit? Here’s what it means for the remaining payments

So far, two monthly payments totaling $30 billion have gone out to American families with kids through the new enhanced child tax credit benefit. For families that have eligible children but haven’t signed up — likely those that don’t traditionally file a tax return — there is still ...   Read More

Here’s How to Budget in Retirement So You Don’t Run Out of Money

You’ve spent decades in the workforce earning a living, your schedule dictated by the demands of the job. All the while, you’ve been steadily adding to your savings so that one day you could get to this point: retirement. Now, there’s no alarm to wake you up in the mornings and no boss to answ...   Read More

These summer activities can impact next year’s tax situation

Summer. It’s the perfect time to think about taxes. Some activities and pursuits that are more common during this season also may be things that impact your taxes, the IRS noted recently. And the sooner you evaluate how these endeavors will figure into your tax return next spring, the fewer su...   Read More