Retirement Planning After 50 Isn’t Impossible

retirement planning after 50

Retirement Planning After 50 Isn’t Impossible. Many people consider retirement planning something they’ll worry about “later.” However, if you are in your 50s or older and don’t have a plan to fund your retirement, time is running out. Although the best time to start pl...   Read More

What Is a Capital Investment?

What is a Capital Investment

What is a Capital Investment? “What is a capital investment?” is a question many people ask. That’s because the phrase has two applications in the business world and its meaning depends on its use. The first application of capital investment refers to funds that a business uses to...   Read More

What Is Estimated Tax?

what is estimated tax

What is estimated tax? It doesn’t matter how you earn your money, the IRS wants their share. If you work for an employer and file a W-2, you only have to worry about filing a tax return once a year. However, if you don’t you’ll need to make an estimated tax payment each quarter. Wh...   Read More

How Do You Start an Emergency Fund?

How Do You Start an Emergency Fund

How Do You Start an Emergency Fund? Although everyone knows they should put money away for emergencies, very few people actually have emergency funds set aside. There are many reasons that people aren’t able to save money. Maybe you’re operating under a tight budget or maybe you’ve...   Read More

Business Credit Score vs Personal Credit Score

business credit score

Business credit score vs Personal Credit Score. What’s the difference? If you’re familiar with how to calculate a personal credit score then you already have an idea of how a business credit score works. A high personal credit score guarantees you the best interest rates and financing op...   Read More