Do you know the difference between the most well-known accounting procedures?

Many business owners wonder what the difference is between the most well-known accounting procedures. In this blog post, we will break down some of the differences and how they can be applied to your business. Firstly, there are two major types of accounting: cash basis and accrual basis. The big di...   Read More

Tips on tax reduction for businesses

As a business owner, you know that taxes are one of the largest expenses on your balance sheet. If you want to increase your profits and take-home pay, it’s important to understand what kinds of tax deductions are available for businesses so you can reduce the amount of money taken out of your...   Read More

Did you know that Roth IRA Investments Are Immune to These 2 Tax Rules?

As a retiree, the last thing you want to do is spend a lot of time worrying about IRS rules. But, there are a few key tax requirements that can have a major impact on the amount of money you’ll have in your later years. If you invest in a Roth IRA, however, you likely […]...   Read More

Make Sure To Make These 3 Retirement Moves Before The End Of The Year

It’s hard to believe we are in Q4 and soon we’ll be ringing in 2022. You might be wondering how 2021 got away from you so fast. I know I am. But there’s still time to cross a few things off your annual to-do list. Here are a few retirement moves you might want to […]...   Read More



If your business was either fully or partially shut down due to a governmental order or  your business has experienced a significant decrease in revenue, you may be eligible to apply for the newly enhanced employer retention tax credit. The recently enacted Consolidated Appropriations Act of 20...   Read More