2 Types of Annuities – Immediate vs Deferred

types of annuities

2 Types of Annuities – Immediate vs Deferred An annuity is a financial planning tool that allows individuals the guarantee of a steady income and certain additional benefits for a set period of time. In fact, many retirees take advantage of an annuity’s ability to generate a regular inco...   Read More

4 Ways to Ensure a Profitable Financial Plan

profitable financial plan

4 Ways to Ensure a Profitable Financial Plan Most successful entrepreneurs spend their time looking for ways to generate business opportunities, however, many can’t say precisely how much money they earn. The entrepreneurs that are aware of their income, expenses, and where they stand overall...   Read More

What is an LLC?

what is an llc

What is an LLC? Determining the most appropriate business structure can feel overwhelming due to the number of options available. However, many entrepreneurs choose to use an LLC because of the protection and tax benefits they can provide. But what is an LLC? And what protections does it provide fo...   Read More

Write a Business Plan That Attracts Investors

business plan

Write a Business Plan That Attracts Investors. Starting a new business is hard, especially if you don’t have the financing. However, investors willing to fund start-up businesses get many requests for financing each day, so when asking for their money, you’ll need to be creative. Of co...   Read More

Roth IRA vs 401K – What’s the Best Choice?

roth ira vs 401k

Roth IRA vs 401k – What’s the Best Choice? Roth IRA vs 401k? Both are retirement savings plans that have advantages and disadvantages. Which choice will best meet your needs? 401k Plan. Many are already familiar with a 401k retirement plan. These savings plans are employee sponsored defe...   Read More