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Employee Benefits, Pensions and Profit Sharing Plans

Offering strong employee benefits is one of the best ways to be competitive and attract the top talent to your business. Finding the right one, however, can be complicated and overwhelming. The same goes for offering your employees a pension or developing a profit-sharing plan that rewards your employees for their hard work.


Potter & LaMarca can help you develop a comprehensive plan for all three of these important areas of your business. We can oversee the development and administration of these programs so that your employees are always happy and focused on growing the business. With pension, benefits and profit-sharing plans from Potter & LaMarca, your business will be primed for growth because your employees will have a clear picture of the rewards they’ll get for helping you hit your business goals.


We are not going to just set up your plans and then put our feet up without factoring in the rest of your business. In business, nothing happens in a vacuum so we don’t operate that way either. We’ll see to it that your business maximizes the tax advantages that come with implementing these programs. Our tax experts keep your taxes in mind with everything that we do for you.


When your business is successful, your employees will be rewarded for all their hard work. Well organized and strategically planned benefits, pensions and profit sharing plans makes it easy for your employees to work as hard as you do. We’ve found that employees buy-in with a lot more enthusiasm and truly feel like part of the team when their efforts are linked directly to financial rewards.


Potter & LaMarca specialize in setting these plans up so that everybody wins. You get happy, satisfied and productive employees and they get rewarded for their efforts and time. These plans help you scale your team as your business grows, so it is great for your bottom line, as well.

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