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Payroll Services

Payroll services involve a lot more than simply writing checks to your employees. There are tax withholdings, healthcare costs and other factors that must be taken care of. Payroll is not a process that requires vigilant attention and oversight from business owners. But it must be done right.

When done right, payroll services are seamless and don’t distract you from the important things that will move your business forward. However, when the process is not ironed out it can be a hassle that holds your business back. Potter & LaMarca will help you set up automated computerized payroll systems to reduce administrative time spent on this process.

Having automated systems makes life much easier come tax time, as well. The software compiles the necessary data and reports needed to prepare your taxes. Potter & LaMarca has the expertise and experience to set up these systems and maintain them going forward. When you are ready to file taxes, the payroll portion will be one less thing you have to worry about.

You’ll experience a lot of benefits when you no longer have to worry about payroll. Offering your employees direct deposit helps them focus on their individual responsibilities and makes life easier for them, leading to increased morale, job satisfaction, and productivity. When you include automated W-2’s, you start to see tremendous advantages.

Stop letting nagging payroll issues hold you back. Potter & LaMarca can get you set up quickly and easily so you can move on and get to work growing your business.

With Potter & LaMarca payroll services you'll be able to:

  • Pay your employees quickly and easily
  • Automate the tax, social security, and insurance withholdings
  • Focus on growing your business instead of administrative tasks associated with Payroll
  • Seamlessly add new hires to your payroll systems and hit the ground running
  • Keep your employees happy by making things easy on them

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