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Cash Flow & Budgeting Analysis

Your business needs a budget and strategic cash flow plan to make sure that you can cover your costs, both fixed and variable because if you can’t your business will fail.

While every business must achieve profitability to succeed, profits are not the total picture. Businesses that are profitable can still fail because they run out of purchasing power. In other words: They run out of money. Receivables are great for a business but they cannot help you cover overhead and expenses until they are paid and become cash.

Potter & LaMarca brings over forty years of business experience to the table. We’ve helped many businesses create plans and manage cash flow so that they can grow!

You’ve heard the expression “Cash is king”. While it certainly isn’t the only important matter, your cash balances play a huge role in the success and failure of your business.

An effective cash flow plan starts with a budget. You have to have a clear picture of your overhead and expenses, so you know where your money is going. You can’t make sure you have enough to pay your bills if you don’t know what your bills are. We’ll help you budget effectively and intelligently so that you can cover your expenses.

Why Potter & LaMarca?

  • We have the financial expertise to help you understand out how cash flow fits into your overall picture.
  • Our experts will work with you to create a budget that doesn’t just work on paper, but the real-world too.
  • We take a comprehensive approach to cash flow management and look at your entire business structure.
  • Our cash flow and budgeting plan are based on your business to help you prepare for the unexpected.
  • As business owners, we understand what’s at stake and will treat your business like it’s our own.

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