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Financial Projections & Forecasting

A huge part of what makes your business successful is accurately making financial forecasts about your company’s future. Nobody can predict the future with 100% precision but if you use the right data you can get close enough to plan for it. Accurate bookkeeping can go a long way in this area. Realistic projections based on your financial history and other information can help you manage your business plan and your spending.

We’ll help you foresee any major expenses or outlays of cash so that you can be fully prepared. Our financial projections will help you decide whether or not an investment is smart for your business. Financial forecasts will help you determine, pretty accurately, the return on investment you’ll receive.

Proper forecasting will also help you manage the expectations of your executives, board members or shareholders.

Forecasting for the financial future isn’t just helpful, it is imperative to your success. And the more accurate these forecasts, the more helpful they’ll be. Our expertise will help you project the future of your business with the highest level of accuracy in the industry.

Potter & LaMarca has many years of experience in creating financial forecasts for clients. Our experience allows us to be completely objective and realistic so that you have accurate information to work with. This helps you get a clear picture of your business and identify areas where you’re succeeding and areas where you can improve. And improvement leads to growth.

Potter & LaMarca will help you:

  • Plan and prepare for the future by staying current with market trends and industry standards
  • Manage cash flow so that you can hit your financial goals and benchmarks.
  • Utilize decades of experience in financial forecasting to avoid any common pitfalls
  • Evaluate critical business decisions to accurately project the return on investment
  • Make informed business decisions with a clear understanding of the impact on your business

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