Financial Services

Financial services usually mean creating a strategy for accumulating wealth for retirement and personal goals. Investment management focuses on managing financial assets with a performance level in mind. Wealth management, in comparison, considers the total net worth of a family, a couple or an individual. It weighs financial decisions in light of an investment portfolio and additional components of the financial picture such as real estate, insurance, a business, charitable gifting and more.

  • Estate and Trust Planning

    We’ll work with you to ensure that all your hard work and assets go where you say, even after you’re gone.

  • Financial Planning

    Control all aspects of your money and your life with experienced financial planning services from Potter & LaMarca. 

  • Wealth Management

    You’ve worked hard to improve your financial future. Potter & LaMarca will make your money work hard for you.

  • Debt and Finance Advisings

    For businesses or individuals, Potter & LaMarca will advise you on your debt and finance options, help lower payments or reduce interest paid.

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