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Business Debt Management & Finance Advising

We mentioned that your business and your taxes are inseparable. That is true when it comes to debt, as well, because proper debt management can result in additional tax savings.

When used responsibly, debt can be a powerful tool for improving your life or expediting the growth of your business. Debt can give you access to capital that will allow you to expand your factory, hire more people or do something else that will increase your capacity to serve your customers. For individuals, debt can help you get an education, buy your dream home or start a business.

Potter & LaMarca will advise you on ways to handle your debt. Our debt management team will help you with everything from getting lower monthly payments or reducing the amount of interest paid over time.

Many people, or businesses, believe that if they can handle their debt payments then they are all set! However, Potter & LaMarca can identify areas where you can save even more money to improve your bottom line or free up some room in your household budget.
Our experts can advise businesses and individuals on the use of debt and how to handle repayment going forward. It is a powerful tool when used responsibly.

Potter & LaMarca can help you use it as a tool to enhance your business or life!

The experts at Potter & LaMarca can help you or your business by:

  • Evaluating your business or finances to determine how much debt you can take on.
  • Analyzing your existing debt to identify opportunities for savings.
  • Providing financial projections to predict the impact a purchase or expansion will have on your debt.
  • Calculating your ROI to help you make informed decisions next time around.
  • Identifying tax advantages that can result from the proper structuring of debt management. 


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