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Trust & Estate Planning

Like life insurance, trust and estate planning are often difficult to talk about. However, it is essential to make sure your loved ones are protected. Having an organized will and estate plan can ensure your loved ones don’t have to worry about money in addition to grieving. The benefits aren’t limited to your personal life. Your estate plan can allow a smooth and easy transition and succession plan for your business, making sure your hard work lives on well past you, as part of your legacy.


Potter & LaMarca understands the trepidation surrounding this issue and our professionals are trained to exercise the necessary discretion and sensitivity while walking you through this process. We’ll put your worries at ease. Once your will and estate plan are in place you can relax knowing that your family is protected.


Your business will benefit, as well. Because creating a succession plan for your business in case of your death will force you to think about your business in the long term. You’ll identify who can and should take over. Chances are this will happen when you retire. Developing a succession plan will make that process easier.


Thinking long-term about your business and your legacy can help you make other important decisions too. Questions like how much longer do you want to work, how much is your business worth, what goals do you have for your business between now and retirement and much more will come up in the estate planning process. Forcing you to answer them for the sake of your legacy plan will also improve your business in the short term.


As with almost every other aspect of your finances and business, there are major tax implications when it comes to estate plans and business ownership. Potter & LaMarca will help you navigate these issues to help position your estate for the long term.

Whether it was through a successful career at another company or building your own business, you’ve worked really hard to build wealth. Well crafted estate planning ensures that your money and assets are directed the way you want them to be directed. You make smart choices about your money now and put it to work in the way(s) that will benefit your family and your business. Potter & LaMarca will make sure that continues after you’ve passed.

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