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Business Tax Management

We know how hard it is to operate a successful business. Making sure your business tax structure is in compliance with all necessary tax filings is essential to making this happen.

Potter & LaMarca has years of experience in providing advice to start up and mature business owners to make sure they are taking advantage of all available tax benefits and incentives. However, this requires an understanding of the industry in which you operate along with a thorough knowledge of Federal, State and Local income tax laws and regulations. We employ a team of tax experts who receive specialized training in these areas to ensure you get the best advice possible.

Potter & LaMarca will review your current tax structure and position regularly to make sure everything is up to date. We also ensure that there are no surprises come year end. Our holistic approach means that we don’t just take the records you give us and put it on a tax return. We review your financial results with you during the year and work with you to minimize your tax liability whenever possible.

We understand that your business and personal financial well being is not what you earn, but what you keep. You can rely on Potter & LaMarca to help you make the right decisions to make your dreams a reality.

Potter & LaMarca will protect your business and improve your bottom line by:

  • Helping you make proper business decisions that save you money come tax time
  • Guiding you through tax laws and identifying how they impact your business
  • Providing you with both short and long-term tax planning advice so you can see the entire picture
  • Being proactive rather than reactive when it comes to your taxes

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