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Personal Tax Management

For business owners, your personal and business taxes are inseparable. For traditional employees, things like purchasing a home, getting married or having a child can impact your taxes in quite a few ways. At Potter & LaMarca, we’ve seen it all and our expertise can help you maintain your bottom line and avoid pitfalls while you navigate the complex world of personal income tax.

Individuals, like businesses, should consider tax planning a year-long process, not something you think about for a week in April. There are a lot of things you can do throughout your year to help you come tax season.

Buying, selling or holding investments can impact your personal income tax bill. These investments can include stocks, real estate or a new business venture. The timing of when you buy and sell assets can help you reduce your tax liability. You can also help yourself out come tax time by contributing to tax-friendly retirement plans, like an IRA.

Contributions to charitable organizations are another tool that allows you to make a positive impact on the world while helping you optimize your tax situation.

When tax season rolls around, Potter & LaMarca will meet with you to make sure your current personal income tax liability is minimized and provide you with additional tax saving opportunities for next year. We do this by identifying the key items that affected this year’s return and by using our years of knowledge and experience to guide you both now and in the future.

Potter & LaMarca have years of personal income tax planning experience that helps you:

  • Get the most out of your money
  • Plan your investments accordingly
  • Plan for major life events like getting married and starting a family
  • Save on taxes by planning year round
  • Helping you see where taxes fit into the overall picture of your financial well being


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